July 6, 2018

FASC1015L_LRGKids heading back to college soon?

And you’re wondering how you’re going to get all their stuff back to school?

No problem! We can ship all their back-to-college items with reliability and ease.

Once they’re back in class,  treat them with the comforts of home with a care package!

Stop by our store to learn about our packing and shipping services.

Neighborhood Pack and Ship Store

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8 Reasons Direct Mail Still Works… continued

June 17, 2013

Why Direct Mail Still Works… Reason #2:

There’s something to be said for appealing to the senses, isn’t there? Direct mail delivers a tactile sensation that online activity can’t.

You feel the mail piece in your hands when you pick it up. You hear an envelope or tab when you tear it open. You see the images and words on a printed piece. You may even be able to smell it! Ink and paper have a distinct smell.

Websites and e-mail just cannot compare to this experience!

The physical nature of direct mail forces customers to take note. And if done well, the mail piece will pique their interest and encourage them to spend more time with it.

In a bricks-and-mortar retail store, the ability to touch and experience the product increases the likelihood of a sale. It’s the same with direct mail: Even though it’s not the actual product in the recipient’s hands, a mail piece still activates our tactile senses.

Why Direct Mail Still Works….

June 10, 2013

Todays Marketers tend to get caught up in the frenzy of the next greatest trend. Are you on Facebook? LinkedIn? Are you tweeting regularly? Do you have a blog? What about Web 3.0? What’s the hot social networking application? Are you using Constanct Contact?

Online strategies, like this blog, are and should be a big part of direct marketing. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore some of the old-school tactics, like direct mail.

That’s right, direct mail.

Sure, mail pieces are expensive than e-mails, thanks to postal and paper costs. And some people perceive direct mail to be old-fashioned and downscale. But when used wisely and analyzed carefully, direct mail outperforms many tactics, particularly with prospects and certainly with many customer segments.

Newer technologies may excite and preoccupy your marketing team, but direct mail works!

Still not convinced direct mail should be a part of your overall contact strategy? In the coming days, I will share with you several points that illustrate how and why direct mail remains alive and well in the 21st century….

Here is the first point:

  • Intrusive
    Unlike your Website, direct mail is an “active” format. Customers may find their way to your site, but a catalog or a direct mail piece in their mailbox is an intrusive tap on the shoulder that online-only activities don’t allow.While e-mail shares the intrusive nature of direct mail, e-mails can get overlooked in a crowded inbox. Plus, consumers are conditioned not to open e-mails from unknown senders for fear of viruses or other technical catastrophes. And direct mail won’t get caught in a spam filter.When done properly, a good direct mail piece will stand out even in a crowded mailbox, grab customers’ attention and incite them to act. That’s the intrusive nature of direct mail that no other marketing tactic can emulate.

Look for my next post on Why Direct Mail Still works later this week.

Mother’s Day

April 26, 2013

With May just around the corner, its time to think about our Moms. Yep, Mother’s Day will be here before we know it. if you have a Mom across the country or around the world, ship early to ensure on time delivery…its also more cost effective than last minute shipping. But dont worry, for the procrastinators of the world, we got you covered with FedEx NextDay Air. Come see us and ask about our frequent shipper program….


Shipping Easter packages?

March 20, 2013

Baskets, bonnets, bunnies, flowers, chicks or candy — if you’re shipping Easter gifts to family or friends, ship now for guaranteed delivery by Easter Sunday.

Frequent Shipping Program

August 9, 2012

Kids going off to college?

Care packages being sent to them in your future?

Ask us about our frequent shipper program, designed for people who send regular packages to family away from home.

Free shipping for every 10th package shipped and discounts on packing service.

Sign up today!

Independence Day

July 4, 2012

As we celebrate with family and friends today, maybe with a cookout, pool party, boating on the river or lake, fireworks displays and more, lets take a few minutes to think about WHAT we are celebrating. Our great nations Independence, fought for by our fore fathers. It’s thanks to their sacrifices that we are blessed with the freedoms we enjoy today in this wonderful country we call home. God bless the USA. Happy Birthday, America!


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